This is the home page of the Thomas Hardye School Fossil Club.
Fossil Club Projects
We are currently working on three unknown fossils, all in Jurassic age rocks, found at Charmouth in Dorset. We intend to find out what they are by submerging them in acid to reveal more of the bones.
Our three current projects are:
  • The Bone in the stone is a rib that has been fossilised in limestone. It is unknown which creature it came from.
  • The Mystery Bone is a series of thin bones in a blocky limestone. We currently think it is an ichthyosaur, but further submergences in acid should help to confirm this.
  • The Ichthyosaur Smile is part of a snout that comes from a fossil reptile. We originally thought that it came from an ichthyosaur, but this has proved quite difficult to prove....
About Fossil Club
Fossil Club is the website of the Thomas Hardye School's Fossil club. The Thomas Hardye School is situated in Dorchester, England, right at the very centre of the Jurassic Coast World Herritage Site. The Thomas Hardye School is a Comprehensive School for 13 - 18 year olds.